[nycphp-talk] mysql command line

David Sklar sklar at
Tue Jun 25 10:24:51 EDT 2002

Some possibilities:

1. grep (just pick out the lines you care about)

2. emacs (or your favorite editor) to edit the dump file

3. create a dummy database, load the dumpfile into the dummy database, and
then pull out the data from there with something like "INSERT INTO
actual_db.table SELECT * FROM dummy_db.table WHERE company_id = 20"


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> Subject: [nycphp-talk] mysql command line
> Is there any utility out there that allows you to import selective records
> from a mysqldump.sql file?
> for instance..
> On June 12 I made a back up of the database on june 13 i deleted products
> having a compandy_id = 20, on june 14 we needed those products back, and
> lots of other products where updated so i can't just dump the table and
> replace it..
> so is there any thing already made that would allow me to import
> the records
> from the product table that have a company_id = 20 from a
> mysqldump.sql file
> (meaning it has create table and insert statements, its no tab
> seperated)...
> Ian

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