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Well, a weird way of doing it is to have the page
use the javascript include method to include a
javascript file such as:

<script language="JavaScript"
but instead of returning a php page, it rather
creates a javascript page which contains 
things like document.write("<br>some text from a
database");   then all you have to do is tell your
user to
include the javascript bits wherever needed and should work across most browsers and is
great method of getting
data. uses it extensively if you want
like headlines or guest books or


Jon Baer wrote:
> Hmm, not sure if it applies but Ive found this little hidden resource
> extremely helpful:
> Remote scripting w/ PHP works very nicely :-)
> - Jon
> Hans Zaunere wrote:
> >I have a co-worker who will be working with me on a couple pages.  He
> >knows a little about Javascript and PHP and will be doing mostly
> >frontend work, including taking a static HTML page and marking it up
> >with PHP, so dynamic tables/etc can be generated from DB data that I
> >supply (so I don't have to - YES!).
> >
> >Does anyone have resources that they've found particularly useful for
> >implementing PHP in HTML/Javascript/layout/generation/etc.  I'd like to
> >stay away from templates/"supply a couple vars and out comes a
> >table"/class systems - just good old fashioned HTML markup with PHP.
> >
> >
> >Thanks,
> >
> >HZ
> >
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