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Fri Jun 28 15:04:19 EDT 2002

How are you doing?

Permissions needed for web server "user" to dump a file.

somewhere under web root
chown -R root.nobody dirname/
chmod -R g+w dirname/

Ian Forsyth wrote:

> I am trying to do a mysqldump using php..
> $command = "mysqldump -h localhost -u ian --password=something --opt
> adatabase > db.sql";
> $result = `$command`;
> or exec("mysqldump -h localhost -u ian --password=something --opt adatabase
> > db.sql");
> but on red-hat or mac os X (aka freebsd) i get nothing.. not even an empty
> file named db.sql..
> On my windows machine even is my login was incorrect, a file was still
> generated..
> which leads me to believe, for linux, is it an issue of permissions?
> $a = array();
> $int = 1;
> $c = "ls";
> exec($c,$a,$int);
> print_r($a);
> on both linux and windows. I get the same results from the above.. so it
> must be permissions.. should i try running it as a cgi?
> Ian..

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