[nycphp-talk] Anyone out there know how to write MS Excel 2000 VB Macros?

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> All he wants is a means of translating a letter grade in a column of cells
> into a number (e.g. "A-" or "a-" -> 3.7 or "B+" or "b+" -> 3.3).

I use the VLOOKUP function.  I have two columns which look like this:

0     F
60    D
65    D+
70    C

Let's say that starts at cell A1, and goes through B8.

Now, if cell D15 has a number grade in it, put this in E15 to
calculate the letter grade:

=vlookup( D15, A1:B8, 2 )

That means, look up the value stored in D15 in the table mentioned
above in the cells A1 through B8, and return what you find in the
second column, which is the letter grades.

No macro needed, so now you can e-mail it to people and they won't
flip out.

The last thing I do is make a separate worksheet with the letter
grades, so from each section's worksheet, I just refer to the grades

=vlookup( D15, 'Letter Grades'!A1:B8, 2 )


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