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Thu Apr 3 10:51:45 EST 2003

This was the message that started the hailstorm, so I figure I'll jump in and
test the waters :)

--- NYPHP <info at> wrote:
> Hello Peeps, 
> Is it possible to cache only images at my ISP? My exact situation is that
> my site has thousands of images, that I want to share among lot of users
> without loading it from server each time. I know i can use browser cache,
> but it can store whole documents including images but it works for 1 client
> only and I don't want to cache whole document, but i just want to cache
> only images. Morover I prefer to cache images on my ISP server rather than
> relying on client's browser cache. 

Assuming I understand completly, the answer is no.

> In short if user A request a page that laods from server then ISP should
> retain all images on it's cache and when user B request same page or a such
> page that contains same images, then images should be loaded from that ISP
> only not by loading it from my server so that I can save my valuable
> Bandwidth.

No - you have no control over how other people access your site.  If user is
using an ISP that uses caching, and you have proper caching headers set on
your pages, then it'll save you bandwidth.  But you have no way of enforcing

That said, there is a *slight* chance that you could work something out with
*your* ISP, whereby they cache content for you, and for some insane reason
would charge you less for the bandwidth used, but this is all highly


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