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Thu Apr 3 11:12:07 EST 2003

That is the kind of thing a service like Akamai does for you.  They 
store copies of whatever images or video you want on servers all over 
the world and when someone makes a request the data is drawn from the 
server closest to the requester.  Go to for more info.  
Otherwise I agree with Hans, you can't do it.


On Thursday, Apr 3, 2003, at 10:51 America/New_York, Hans Zaunere wrote:

> This was the message that started the hailstorm, so I figure I'll jump 
> in and
> test the waters :)
> --- NYPHP <info at> wrote:
>> Hello Peeps,
>> Is it possible to cache only images at my ISP? My exact situation is 
>> that
>> my site has thousands of images, that I want to share among lot of 
>> users
>> without loading it from server each time. I know i can use browser 
>> cache,
>> but it can store whole documents including images but it works for 1 
>> client
>> only and I don't want to cache whole document, but i just want to 
>> cache
>> only images. Morover I prefer to cache images on my ISP server rather 
>> than
>> relying on client's browser cache.
> Assuming I understand completly, the answer is no.
>> In short if user A request a page that laods from server then ISP 
>> should
>> retain all images on it's cache and when user B request same page or 
>> a such
>> page that contains same images, then images should be loaded from 
>> that ISP
>> only not by loading it from my server so that I can save my valuable
>> Bandwidth.
> No - you have no control over how other people access your site.  If 
> user is
> using an ISP that uses caching, and you have proper caching headers 
> set on
> your pages, then it'll save you bandwidth.  But you have no way of 
> enforcing
> this.
> That said, there is a *slight* chance that you could work something 
> out with
> *your* ISP, whereby they cache content for you, and for some insane 
> reason
> would charge you less for the bandwidth used, but this is all highly
> unlikely.
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