[nycphp-talk] file include performance

Adam Maccabee Trachtenberg adam at
Thu Apr 3 17:34:54 EST 2003

On Thu, 3 Apr 2003, David Vogel wrote:

> Just wondering if anyone has a sense of how much of a performance hit
> you incur by including a file in php.  Specifically I have a script
> with two main branches.  Does it make any sense to separate those out
> into two different include files, or does the cost of getting a file

The PHP Internals (nee php-dev) mailing list has a few messages from
Rasmus about this topic. (Say about 1-2 months ago.)

In general, unless you're running FreeBSD, things are pretty fast. If
you're running FreeBSD, things can be slow, especially under heavy
load. In his case, heavy load was Yahoo!, so YMMV. :) He made some
modifications to improve performance, so if you do find this to be a
problem, make sure you're running the most recent CVS code, as I don't
know if those patches made it into the current final release.


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