PHP/ASP anomaly soazine at
Fri Apr 11 09:05:12 EDT 2003

Hey.. the past few days I've noticed a rather strange phenomenon occur..

On my website ( I have a link to some pages on a
site that are written in ASP (because of the demands of the host those
pages are on).  On occasion the site will go berzerk due to possible memory
leaks on the server end and thus my ASP pages will all crash..

All but one..

This one page is called up by a PHP script I wrote on my Väl site
(, and every time everything
else crashes on the site where the ASP scripts are, this one PHP page
consistently pulls up the remote ASP script anyway!

What does anyone make of that? I'm both dumbfounded and devilishly
delighted at the same time! >:)


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