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Fri Apr 11 11:56:00 EDT 2003

Speaking of the search techniques, I have a small client with a static shop-like website who wants search abilities for a CD catalog.  There is no database available, but PHP is operational.

Is there any PHP library or tool that would allow me to search the site without a database?  Some leads would be appreciated.


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> --- Mark Armendariz <nyphp at> wrote:
> They want to eventually have something they called "fingerprint"
> searching.  The term alone meant nothing to me (beyond the obvious -
> which google agreed with).
> Basically it has something to do with using synonyms and misspellings
> and all types of other fun algorithms to find what a user is looking
> for.  Does anyone hear have any experience with such things, or maybe
> know where to look?

I'm not sure about synonyms, but support for misspelled words can
typically be
achieved with the Levenshtein algorithm, and PHP supports that:

<a target=_blank

Hope that helps.


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