[nycphp-talk] removing and copying files with wildcards on free bsd

Chris Snyder chris at
Sat Apr 12 01:53:16 EDT 2003

Peter Lehrer wrote:

>Is there a way in free bsd to rename or copy a whole group of files using
>wildcards. For instance, i've been trying
>mv *.htm *.php
>mv sld???.htm sld???.php
Maybe a Unix guru will correct me, in which case I shall be happy to 
learn, but I don't think there are any standard commands that do this. 
There are, however, a number of shell scripts out there that do.



>but have been unable to do it in free bsd. I know it works in dos.
Yeah, that's frustrating. I feel the same way every time I try to pipe 
commands together in DOS. :-)


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