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Tue Apr 15 19:53:16 EDT 2003

Some of these items may have already been addressed ignore items that may have already been addressed.


Survey page 1

1. "How did you first heard about PHP"

Should be, "How did you first hear.....

2. "Which platform have you seen used most for PHP development"

"Which platform have you seen PHP deployed to most for mission-critical applications deployment"

The phrasing is a bit awkward and the "intent" of the question may not be obvious to someone completing the survey. It's not obvious why you have the phrase "have you seen" as opposed to just saying "Which platform have you used most for PHP development." 

3. You may want to unpack this question a bit: "Based on your experience, has flexibility and rapid development been leveragable from PHP." I feel that "leveragable" needs further explanation or just rewording (perhaps a phrase describing "leveragable.").

4. Type: "For PHP questions/problems/support, rantk the order of where you go for help "

"rank" is mispelled.

Survey Page 2

1. "When working with clients, how is PHP most often brought onboard" and "When working with clients, what is the existing status of PHP in the majority of cases" could probably be combined into one question since the first question implies the "existing status" which is asked about again in the second question.

2. "Please estimate your non-HTML related PHP code base (Object Oriented % vs Prcedure %)"
Just a typo...should say "Procedural."

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