<a href> vs. <form> request

Jerry Kapron nyphp at
Wed Apr 16 18:42:49 EDT 2003

I'm trying to figure out how I can restrict people to using an <a href> link
to send a request to a script.
To be more specific I don't want them to send requests by submitting a form.
In case they do the script would respond with '401 Unauthorized' header or
something to that effect.  For a while I thought I had a solution.. by
looking for an additional GET var which would reflect the presence of a
'Submit' button, but then I realized that a form may be easily submitted
with JavaScript's submit() method == no additional GET vars.
I know it may seem like I worry too much, but in this project security is
*extremely* important.
I hope someone comes up with some clever idea..  my brain needs a reboot to
maintenance mode for a few hours..


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>I have two different character encodings on my page. Is there anyway to
>convert utf-8 characters into latin1 characters via php?
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