[nycphp-talk] <a href> vs. <form> request

Jerry Kapron jkapron at
Wed Apr 16 22:05:45 EDT 2003


>Seriously, you're going to need to elaborate here for us to help you.

I wish I could do that. But unfortunately  I can't.  I'm afraid I'm already
in breach of my contract by discussing technical details of the project

>Why would it matter if these other sites have a button instead of a link?

It does not matter on the back end part of the system, but it does in
general, trust me. I can't tell you more.  I just wish there was a way to
detect it on the back end.

>Would it also matter to you if they used an image as a link instead of

No, both are ok, text or image.

>I do not understand the security concern you speak of.

That's not really important.  I'm stuck with one specific thing: the ability
to determine whether the request came from an <a href> link or a form.

Thanks for trying o help,

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