[nycphp-talk] <a href> vs. <form> request

Jerry Kapron nyphp at
Thu Apr 17 13:44:16 EDT 2003

This is exactly what I came up with while eating my oatmeal this morning :)
However one thing still concerns me:
<form onSubmit="return linkCreate();">
<form ...>
<input type="button" onClick="return linkCreate();">

BTW, what's the difference between ="return linkCreate()" and
="linkCreate()"  ?


>This is a fairly vague problem, so I'll give my suggestion to what I
>think you are trying to do.
>On each non-local website do something similar to this:
><script type="text/javascript"
><a href="#" onClickonClick="return linkCreate();">Click Me</a>
>(where is your server)
>On your server you would have link_creator.js be a PHP script that
>creates dynamic Javascript. This allows you to grab information such as
>the referrer, and the remote IP address, and any other information you
>could need. You could even make the JavaScript source append a get
>variable for that site like link_creator.js?
>The PHP would create a one time use hash, depending on if
>all of your security requirements have been met which then is inserted
>into the temporary table along with the remote IP, referrer etc.
>The dynamic JavaScript would then include a function (linkCreate) which
>just changes the browser's location to the link you have created.
>This would cause some heavy traffic load, especially if all of the
>remote sites get a lot of traffic. This would allow you to make
>one-time-use hashes that would be required for a successful page load on
>your server.  Once the unique hash has been found in the query string,
>you just expire it on the database.
>Not sure if that would help, but it may be relevant.

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