Solution Sought

jessica kelly jkelly at
Fri Apr 18 14:23:01 EDT 2003

I need to set up a "Construction Web Cam" (photo, not streaming) where I work. The main server is outside the firewall but the computer that the camera will be attached to is inside the firewall and you can not FTP through it nor will the network admin. turn on the FTP ability. I am doubtful that he can map a drive or folder to the main web server (apache on a win 2k advanced server). He states that I must use HTTP protocol but apache is not configured with web DAV and I wouldn't know how to recompile if I needed/had to.

Does anyone know of something(s) that would/could work? 

I also need the ability to have some program (PHP?) to automatically take the resulting pictures and generate a page with either thumbnails or links to the photos generated.

I'm looking for a free or next to free solution that will work on a windows platform.

Thank You,


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