[nycphp-talk] A bit of development humor

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It's surprising because it's completely unexpected (to us)...
but I could probably bet you there are some non-technical managers
out there that might have had this question come across their minds,
but were either not curious enough to ask or didn't want to suffer
embarrassment due to ignorance.

Due to the enormous amount of information available out there, some
folks make a point to be ignorant of certain things to keep
their lives as simple as possible; for example, One time I asked
"When is Labor Day?" to a co-worker and he was totally floored
and dumbfounded by my question.  Knowing what day that particular
holiday landed on wasn't important, until the that day when I asked.


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One of my IT friends back home just came out of a meeting and this was
actually said in it:

"she said 'can you please explain to me how documentation and comments in
the code can help you in developing different parts of the site?'"



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