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Mon Apr 21 09:37:17 EDT 2003

Sorry for the late reply, I just got back from vacation.

I've been involved in a fair amount of search engine related projects and
have dealt with all of what you're talking about.

I have no idea what size of data they are talking about, how much traffic
you have to support and what their budget is,
but any searching beyond exact pattern matching requires strict client
expectation management.
You can get products that will do anything you'd ever want for 5 digit
figures, but I'm guessing that's beyond their budget.

Depending on their budget and how important it really is to them (broken
down by specific features) and how much work they're willing to do on their
side, I could give you some more advice.

For just the spell checking, using pspell (as Sterling suggested) could fit
the bill.


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> I just pulled in a gig (finally).  They are building a literary
> reference guide.
> Well, while planning they hit me with something I'm not too versed in.
> They want to eventually have something they called "fingerprint"
> searching.  The term alone meant nothing to me (beyond the obvious -
> which google agreed with).
> Basically it has something to do with using synonyms and misspellings
> and all types of other fun algorithms to find what a user is looking
> for.  Does anyone hear have any experience with such things, or maybe
> know where to look?
> Thanks!!
> Mark
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