[nycphp-talk] MySQL 4.10 new features ...

Rolan Yang rolan at
Tue Apr 29 17:19:36 EDT 2003


I just upgraded to 4 from 3.22.32 last night/this morning (yea, it's 
been a while since
I touched the thing). Converted all tables from iasm to myisam. The new 
"feels" a bit slower (haven't done any benchmarks yet), but disabling 
innodb support
freed up some extra RAM, which seemed to help a little.

I do have to admit though, the machine is a meager Cobalt celeron 300mhz 
with 96Megs of RAM
and it is wacked with a lot of daily traffic (currently hosting parts of 
the Mozilla project,
RealServer, about 150+ other websites, and a whole gaggle of other services)

The subqueries feature is something I'll definitely look forward to using.


Jon Baer wrote:

>Just thought Id pass that URL along to anyone that wasn't subscribed to the
>newsletter ...
>- Jon
>Some new features include:
>* Subqueries:
>SELECT * FROM t1 WHERE t1.a=(SELECT t2.b FROM t2);
>SELECT * FROM t1 WHERE (1,2,3) IN (SELECT a,b,c FROM t2);
>* Derived tables: SELECT t1.a FROM t1, (SELECT * FROM t2) t3 WHERE
>* `INSERT ... ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE ...' syntax. This allows you to
>`UPDATE' an existing row if the insert would cause a duplicate value in a
>`PRIMARY' or `UNIQUE' key. (`REPLACE' allows you to overwrite an existing
>row, which is something entirely different. See
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