[nycphp-talk] PHP pages cache in spite of header() - ideas?

Christopher Hendry chendry at
Sat Aug 2 02:58:48 EDT 2003

I may have a beer or two in me, but isn't cacheing a client (or proxy) side
thing, thus independent of PHP?

I've heard/seen some not so pleasant cacheing stuff from IE, whereas Mozilla
seems to respond to cache-control quite well.

Correct me, please, if I'm off base here.


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-> --- Patrick Hunt <pat at> wrote:
-> > I've had EXTREMELY mixed results with the 'replace' parameter of
-> > the header function, so I suspect it's broken in some versions of
-> > PHP. I've had good results with combining all the Cache-Control
-> > directives into one call to header().
-> I was going to make the same suggestion.
-> > I'd also add 'private' to the list of Cache-Control params.
-> Actually, "no-store" is the most extreme anti-caching directive for the
-> Cache-Control header, so it alone should suffice. I've always
-> coupled it with
-> "no-cache" just in case some browsers misinterpret one or the
-> other (which some
-> do).
-> Try just those two first - no sense in beating a dead horse. :-)
-> Throw in the
-> "Pragma: no-cache" to prevent caching from HTTP/1.0 agents that don't
-> understand Cache-Control.
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