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I can't seem to get this (your flush example) to work on Win32. I've heard
that some versions of IE output 1 byte at a time, but it works fine from
your host with IE6. Anyone know how to get this to work with IIS? Thanks.

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> Otherwise, perhaps a PHP forum of sorts, but I don't know of a
> realtime chat system in PHP.

There's IRCG, which uses IRC somehow to provide real-time streaming to
PHP-enabled Web sites. There is a related project called TitanChat that I
uses IRCG somehow. I know very little about it other than that, but you can
read more about it here:

A few years ago, I wrote a simple script to demonstrate how to control the
of chunks when using chunked transfer encoding. Combined with a persistent
connection, this is how you can make "chat rooms" and the like with PHP. You
can check out my (rather lame, now that I look back at it) example here:

Hope that helps.


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