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Wed Aug 6 14:29:46 EDT 2003

You definetely should check out OScommerce, and if you're not going to use
that check out some of the contributions on "customers who bought this also
bought" type things. Works just like amazon's shopping cart.

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> I'm building a system that takes user purchases and turns that information
> into a suggested purchases list for other users.  I know Amazon, B&N,
> everyone and their dog does it.
> Does anyone know of open source packages, online documentation, or howtos
> that might help point me in the right direction?  I see several for
> purchase products, but I am more interested in doing it myself for the
> experience.
> Starting from scratch, I figure I'm going to need a database that tracks
> user purchases and then software to "score" those purchases for other
> users.  It's the scoring portion that I'm finding a little daunting.
> Anyone?  Anyone?
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