[nycphp-talk] Wednesday, August 13 - Intro to TCP/IP by Joshua Birnbaum

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    **** Intro to TCP/IP by Joshua Birnbaum  ****

Wednesday 13 August 6:30 PM
The IBM Building
590 Madison Ave.
57th St. and Madison Ave.
(You must RSVP, See "Security Procedures" Below)

We are pleased to announce that this Wednesday August 13th, Joshua
Birnbaum will be presenting an Introduction to  TCP/IP. (See details below
for this meeting.)

TCP/IP, since it's beginnings in the late 1960's, has gone on to become
the predominant way that computers communicate over networks.
Based on open standards, TCP/IP has allowed for the flourishing of the
Internet as well as the ushering in of a communications revolution.

This GNUbies meeting will discuss the history of TCP/IP, how it became
as popular as it is and how it functions as a part of any operating
system that uses it.

We we will examine TCP/IP's design and organization and how these factors
have contributed to it's flexibility and adoption over time.

Speaker BIO:

Joshua Birnbaum is the President and founder of No-Org, Inc.,
( a New York based consultancy specializing in
system administration, computer security and networking.
Mr. Birnbaum began his system administration career in 1994
within the advertising industry and, since becoming a consult-
in 1998, has had the opportunity to work in several other
Most recently, Mr. Birnbaum has started to release Open Source
software. ifchk (short for network interface check), a computer
and network security tool, was released in mid July of 2003.

Meeting Details:
Wednesday August 13, 2003
General Questions and Answers

7:00 Pesentation by Joshua Birnbaum

"Introduction to TCP/IP"

The IBM Building
590 Madison Ave
(57th St. and Madison Ave.)

As always, the most up-to-date information can be found on o or

As always, we are grateful to IBM for their generous offer of space for
our meetings
Security Procedures:
To attend the meeting you need to bring a photo ID and provide us with
your full name (as it appears in the photo ID) in advance. You can use
the mailto on the web page at, reply to this email
if you received it directly, or send email to lo+ibm0308 at with
the Subject of August 2003 Gnubies Meeting and with your name in the
We look forward to seeing you at the meeting.

The GNU/Linux/Free OS Beginners' Group


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