[nycphp-talk] Localizing Time Zones

Chris Shiflett shiflett at
Tue Aug 12 16:05:33 EDT 2003

--- D C Krook <dkrook at> wrote:
> We've been looking for a good way to customize a web-based work
> flow tool so that each user who logs in sees the time stamp of
> events in his own time zone, not that of the server.

I take a slightly different approach than what you mention. I can't say that
I've ever given it a lot of thought, but this is what I do. I begin with some
default variables for the application:

$date_format = 'D, d M Y H:i:s';
$gmt_offset = -4;

If the user logs in, these values are overwritten with the user's session, so
you can let your users choose their preferred date format and time zone.

Then I just do something like this to get a ready-to-display date into a

$curr_date = gmdate($date_format, time() + $gmt_offset * 3600);

Of course, this demonstrates a date relative to the current time, but this can
be applied to any timestamp.

Hope that helps.


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