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Ophir Prusak oprusak at
Wed Aug 13 12:06:42 EDT 2003

back to the subject, I'm not looking for database management / deisgn /
access type tools,
I'm looking for something (classes, packages, products) that will allow me
to concentrate my php programming efforts on the business logic, and not
spend so much time creating the "plumbing" for basic database operations
such as create a new row, edit a row, read a row or delete a row.

phplens is the closest to what I want that I've found so far.
Has anyone here ever used it or heard anything about it ? (other than what's
on the phplens site and the php|arch "review" )


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I have used NaviCat also, and liked it very much.  Right now, I am using a
product from EMS that I also find very nice.  It has all the standard
features a MySQL GUI needs, is lightweight, and user friendly.  Overall, a
very nice tool.


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On this topic, I have recently been using a product called NaviCat found at

Provides very nice graphical interface on MySQL servers, including
import/export data transfer of tables and/or whole databases from server to
server, backup and user management. Exposes SQL schema code that makes up
tables. Run queries from Query window.

30-day full-functioning demo.


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Ophir Prusak wrote:
> I'm looking for something that will reduce my development time on
> database related code. I know there are several packages, classes, etc
> that will help with this, but I don't have time to research all the
> possibilities and was hoping to hear from nyphp members their
> experiences and recommendations (or non-recommendations).
> I'm looking for any solution, commercial or open source.

Hey Ophir,

One thing I've found that dramatically helps me deal with database
issues is a good database design tool to help me visualize what's going
on.  I found something recently that I really like, CaseStudio:

After a couple of hours learning the demo Lite version, I bought it.
The Pro version has a reverse engineering feature that logs into an
RDBMS and creates a model from an existing database.  I demoed this as
well and found a couple of things I should have been doing to optimize
my digest archive.  Supports MySQL 4 and PosgreSQL 7.x too.

Steve Manes
Brooklyn, NY

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