[nycphp-talk] libxml in PHP 5

Sterling Hughes sterling at
Wed Aug 13 14:38:48 EDT 2003

Am Mit, 2003-08-13 um 10.17 schrieb pswebcode, nyc:
> Looks sleek...  ...but regarding any documentation (full list of functions,
> say) for the updated DOM, XSLT and XPATH functionality? 
> And if I remember right... SAX, XSLT and DOM XML libs will all be installed
> by default on both *nix and Windows?
> I have been using DOMXML functions at this time and several web hosts would
> not install the library, namely because it is marked as Experimental.

The DOM, SAX, XPath, Schema and any other extensions that can work with
standard libxml2 will be enabled by default, and stable.

A debugged program is one for which you have not yet found the
conditions that make it fail. 
  - Jerry Ogdin

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