[nycphp-talk] php scalability

Jon Baer jonbaer at
Wed Aug 13 21:30:33 EDT 2003

>>>> Just because PHP scales for Yahoo, one of the largest web companies with loads of in-house technical talent, doesn't mean it's necessarily easy or cost effective for other businesses. <<<<

wouldn't that really apply to *any* technology you decide to deploy?  + J2EE is not cost effective, app servers come @ a pretty cost in terms of scalability (ie WebLogic, WebSphere, etc).  From what I have *heard*, much can be said in regards to LAMP + things like mod_backhand ( that can take you a long way ... (wishing i would have done it instead of being sucked into WebLogic/Oracle during my heyday).  i too am interested in hearing other deployment experiences.

- jon
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