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pretty terrible ... 

granted it was a complex web app involving nuance and speechobjects it still was not a good thing to see java APIs floating around in limbo @ the time and when you need to hire additional oracle DBAs u go over budget quick (not saying that they are not worth it) but it would have helped to simplify to begin with.  alot of our load balancing was hardware based w/ cisco mnlb @ colo ... which i did not handle (+ by the looks of it very mindboggling process) ... my big *MAIN* issue was how licencing schemes/scams/whatever u want to call it works for multiprocessor systems when it came to app servers.  unfortunately i no longer possess the arch layout or else id gladly pass it along, probably makes a good "what not to do" poster.  

- jon 
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  I agree that Weblogic and Oracle are not cost effective.  What was your experience with Weblogic/Oracle like?

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