[nycphp-talk] php problems from SecurityFocus Newsletter # 210

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Mon Aug 18 16:07:25 EDT 2003

Hey Folks:

Last weeks lull has been more than made up by this weeks flood, including 
a vulnerability in PHP itself...

PHP DLOpen Arbitrary Web Server Process Memory Vulnerability

A problem has been reported in the dlopen function of PHP when used with
the Apache web server.  Because of this, an attacker may be able to gain
unauthorized access to potentially sensitive information.

The problem is in the ability to access the memory of the calling process.
When a PHP script is executed by an Apache process, it is possible to
dump the contents of the Apache process memory to a text file.  This could
be used by an attacker to gain access to potentially sensitive information
which could include authentication credentials.  The function may also
permit other attacks, such as allowing an attacker to deliver different
content other than what the server is configured to serve.

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