[nycphp-talk] form posts, back button, IE page expired

Brian Pang bpang at
Mon Aug 18 16:08:42 EDT 2003

How do you guys/gals deal with the IE Page Expired page which is
generated if you use the back button to return to a page which had form
POST information in it originally?

For example:
  formPage.php - Fill out a form and submit (method is POST) to
  formResult.php - Shows the result of the form submission/post; i.e.
"Your order has been placed" or "Thank you for contacting us" etc...

  from formResult.php the user clicks a link back to the homepage.
  from the homepage, the user hits the back button.

Netscape and Mozilla give the little popup window warning/notice and ask
if you want to resubmit/resend the information.

Internet Explorer shows the nasty "Warning Page Expired" page, which, if
you refresh, then brings up a prompt similar to Netscape/Mozilla.

The little prompt to resubmit info isn't ideal, either, but at least
it's not the Warning Page Expired page.

Short of not using POST (which would be unreasonable) or page redirects
(nearly as undesirable), has anyone figured out a good clean way to get
around this?


p.s. of course, assume that the pages have adequate navigation, etc, so
that users are REQUIRED to hit the back button. :)

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