[nycphp-talk] compiling php with an external module?

Rolan rolan at
Wed Aug 20 12:03:35 EDT 2003

I'm trying to compile php-4.3.2 to include cybercash support.

In previous versions, there was a --enable-cybercash option,
but that seems to have been moved to something called PECL.

George Schlossnagle wrote a pear module which can be found

I have downloaded and un-tgz'd it, however, I'm not sure
what to do with this file, where it should be placed, or what
role it plays in the compile process.

I first untargz'd it into the ext directory of the source tree, renamed
it cybercash then tried to compile with --with-cybercash
that did not work.

I also did a "pear install cybercash-1.18p1.tgz"
The pear installer responded with "success" but the cybercash
module will still not compile into binary.

Can someone please point me in the right direction here?


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