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On 8/21/2003 17:27, "Phil Powell" <soazine at> scribbled:

> Then I'm confused.  Why is it then that mysql_select_db() will bomb after the
> user attempted to enter erroneous data into mysql_query()?  That is, the user
> enters bad data within mysql_query(); it throws mysql_error() and delivers the
> page to the user; the user attempts AGAIN to enter somethng and then
> mysql_select_db dies!  Why does that occur?

Difficult to say without knowing the page code, but I would var_dump the
variables (particularly the queries) prior to running them. Make sure to
test the connection state as well. I have a feeling you might be closing it
and not reopening. Maybe the call that opens the connection does not show up
in the second time you run the page...?

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