[nycphp-talk] PHP project from Hell Story

Mauricio Sadicoff mlevy at
Fri Aug 22 15:03:25 EDT 2003

On 8/22/2003 14:23, "Phil Powell" <soazine at> scribbled:

> Has anyone have anything like this happen to them? How have you handled it,
> I'm out of ideas.
> Thanks
> Phil
> Phil,
> Unfortunately, this means that you were really not able to provide what I had
> asked for.  As was explained in my original bid request "The key to this will
> be that I would like to be able to add the pages in the password protected
> part of the site by either filling in a form OR using FrontPage 2002."  Since
> I am not able to do this with adding text and images in a way that people can
> read it, I am going to have to find another alternative.  I will be deleting
> your files from the web site and starting over and hopefully will still be
> able to have this finished by Sunday
> Lawrence

Suggestion: Make an "upload" page. Something inside the pwd protected page
that would allow him to upload many files. They will all upload to the same
directory, so the images will be there. Tell him that he has to have the
images in the same directory in his computer when he creates the file, this
should not be a problem.

In the "upload" page, to avoid further discussion, you can even call one of
the upload fields "Word document" and the others images. You're just using
HTML input fields, really, and uploading them to a specific directory.

That should do it. If it does, 10% is my going rate, hehehe ;-)

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