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First, I believe there is no extra charge for the buggy features. ;)

Second, if your pages are based on a DreamWeaver template then you can
easily lock down aspects of the page(s). In addition, you can set
Contribute to only allow, say, text changes.

Third, the one "quirk" is that Contribute performs its "magic" by using
a very old trick, namely, placing a bunch of files on the webserver to
handle locking issues so that if the client is editing page X and you
try to edit Page X you'll get a message saying that it is being edited
by someone else. These "lock" files tell Contribute what is going on.
This works decently well but, depending on the particular host, it can
be a small problem, e.g., Contribute may have problems FTPing files back
and forth; problems checking on the "lock" files, etc. With one
particular ISP/webserver, I couldn't get Contribute to work at all.


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If the Macromedia of the future is going to be anything like the way 
Macromedia has been developing over the last five years, you're going 
to get locked into using a buggy, unstable application. Any future 
bug-fixes will be released as upgrades you must pay for loaded with new 
buggy features.

On Tuesday, August 26, 2003, at 10:17  AM, Aaron Fischer wrote:

> I haven't used it yet but plan to install for a client that I am 
> working with.  I had a walkthrough demo by a Macromedia developer at 
> Macworld.  Seemed very nice, easy to use.  There were some cool 
> features that I didn't know about like being able to make specific 
> parts of certain pages editable and prevent the user from screwing up 
> other parts.
> Aaron
> On Monday, Aug 25, 2003, at 22:27 US/Eastern, Jon Baer wrote:
>> im not a big fan of wysiwyg when it comes to editing web material 
>> (since all
>> of them see to !@#$ with ur stuff when writing file to disk) ... but 
>> the app
>> seems like a clean client to use on a dev server before publishing,
>> anyone else using it?
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