[nycphp-talk] intro question

John Kitses jkitses at
Tue Aug 26 18:10:49 EDT 2003


I would like to know if PHP and/or MySQL is the answer to my design 
problem. I have been told so, but I am a beginner to both, and need a 
good intro tutorial also.

Here it is: I am designing a website for a store, and want users to 
be able to search the merchandise by various criteria (price, style, 
manufacturer, etc). It's a fishing lure store, so the products will 
be similar - all will feature a photo and descriptive text.

Are PHP and MySQL the solution? I use a Mac G4 running OSX. I'm a 
designer, I know HTML, basic Javascript, and understand programming 
concepts, generally. How can I get started?

much thanks

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