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I agree with Phil 100%!  PHP-MySQL is a perfect solution for this project.  Its a perfect platform for developing small projects like this that have a potential to grow into something large.  If you implement it right, its a very scalable solution.  I have personally built 2 or 3 sites similar in nature.

As far as advice, I would reccomend starting out by focusing on an Object Oriented approach, since PHP 5 will bring in many enahncements in that area and code maintainence will be made easier in the future.  Dont waste too much money on books though, you can usually find everything you need online via Google.

Good luck and enjoy :)


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I personally think so!  PHP is an extremely robust scripting language that I
have seen can easily be tailored for personalization and authentication
needs, which would address your store issues.

I in fact helped to built a "mall" of sorts (a portal leading to multiple
stores with their own personalization solutions), however, not in PHP, but
in TCL as CGI, but I can easily envision that being done in PHP with a mySQL

I've seen how mySQL is becoming very robust and data-resourceful as well.

I would get a few books on both PHP and mySQL and the people here are on top
of the programming food chain and would be able to answer anything
whatsoever you could possibly imagine, so you picked the right group!

Good luck!

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> Hello...
> I would like to know if PHP and/or MySQL is the answer to my design
> problem. I have been told so, but I am a beginner to both, and need a
> good intro tutorial also.
> Here it is: I am designing a website for a store, and want users to
> be able to search the merchandise by various criteria (price, style,
> manufacturer, etc). It's a fishing lure store, so the products will
> be similar - all will feature a photo and descriptive text.
> Are PHP and MySQL the solution? I use a Mac G4 running OSX. I'm a
> designer, I know HTML, basic Javascript, and understand programming
> concepts, generally. How can I get started?
> much thanks
> JK
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