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Wed Aug 27 15:54:44 EDT 2003

On 8/27/2003 12:41, "Phil Powell" <soazine at> scribbled:

> multilingual support - does it also involve "human translation" multilingual
> content management?
> Just wondering
> Phil


Pardon my ignorance on this matter, but... What does that mean? I'll tell
you how it's done in OSCommerce, you tell me if it qualifies as "human
translation" multilingual management. I believe it does but I want to make
sure I understand the term...

I had once started on a translation project in OSCommerce, but could not
finish because other projects took precedence and the money for it dried
out. The multilingual support on OSCommerce is implemented as follows:

- Most of the files (probably all of them by now) that have something that
can be viewed by a customer includes
./includes/languages/<user-currently-selected-language>/<page-used>. So, for
the main engine's page named account_history.php and with german selected as
the language, the include looks like this:


The actual call is:

$include_file = DIR_WS_LANGUAGES . $language . '/' .

- In the included file, there are defines like this:

define('TEXT_NO_PURCHASES', 'You have not yet made any purchases...');

- In the account_history.php page, you simply echo the definition, like so:


- To add a language you need to copy the English.php file and the english
directory inside includes/languages and change the strings.  Also, you need
to add an option to the administration area to determine your new language
as one of the options, but that is easy as pie.

So, does it qualify?


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