[nycphp-talk] ${$variable}

Brian Pang bpang at
Wed Aug 27 16:04:01 EDT 2003

oops.. I may also need to retract my last statement on this matter...

I started to investigate and was a bit surprised at the results.

I will post later, I get to go to the dentist now, instead.

however, my $0.02 on this is limit the occassions where you have mixed
variable types.
if it's boolean, use a strict boolean test
    and stick to using either true/false or 0/1; don't mix up true/0 or
use strict string checking for strings

> > I prefer empty() for readability. The fact that it evaluates as false
> > for the integer 0 is a bit confusing, I agree.
> Ack! I meant to say that empty() evaluates as true for the integer 0.
I'll quit
> talking now. :-)
> Chris
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