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John W. Markert markert at
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I would like to start a discussion of pricing and protecting one's work. This would not apply to employees but rather free lance/independent work.

I believe that could be subject to many differing ideas but I'm sure that we will all benefit. To start the discussion, please advise regarding any of the following:

Pricing methodologies...
    hourly ... how to set rate
    perpage ... how to reconcile complexity
    royalty ... calculated as % of sale or other metric for right to use software
    value to customer's business

Protection ...
    Who will own  the software when it is complete. 
    Copyright ... are rights retained or is non-exclusive license given to customer.
     Is software encripted with product like Zend offers or do customers demand source.
     If source is provided, how can author protect interest when licensing software?

Trade groups ...
    Many trade groups have business standards... Is anyone aware of any group that has standards for either PHP or web programming?

Would this be a good start for NYPHP business guidelines codification that could enhance our businesses. 



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