[nycphp-talk] php & oracle 9i

Brian Pang bpang at
Fri Aug 29 11:54:00 EDT 2003

ok, well, we installed php-4.3.3 and it works now...

We didn't change anything with the oracle8 client or libraries on the
machine, at least that I know of. The DBA said that 9 is backwards
compatible with 8.

however, post-install I also noticed I had another location where the db
host was still looking to the wrong place. (The code is all hacked up. I
know, it should all be in one common place).

I guess it's possible that the re-install wasn't completely necessary,
but now I'll never know. oh well.. at least it works now. PHP needed to
be upgraded from 4.2 anyhow.

I did make 1 interesting discovery in all of this, but it's not related
to Oracle. I didn't know that GD was bundled into php as of 4.3.
I couldn't get it to install properly with it on Solaris 5.7 and I
didn't feel like taking the time to investigate it further.
If anyone has anything to say about this, probably best to put it into a
new thread.

> Brian Pang wrote:
> > So, even though php was originally compiled to use 8i, I need to
> > recompile it to work with 9i?
> > 
> > I need oracle 9i client libraries, then?
> Don't quote me, but I think so.  Oracle's own clients will work, but
from what I've heard 3rd party applications will need to be linked
against the new libs.
> > I'm not the dba on this project, and not overly familiar with Oracle
> > (why should I be, when mysql is so great), but I need to be able to at
> > least speak (pseudo-)intelligently with him.
> Like I say, I may be wrong, so pseudo-intelligently is a good call :)
> H
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