[nycphp-talk] Passing some form values through to a redirected page...

Webapprentice webapprentice at
Sat Feb 1 18:22:03 EST 2003

George Webb wrote:

>	So you said you don't want to "embed" the 2nd script into
>the first one... why not just "include" it?  That way, the only
>additional cost of the "redirect" is reading and executing that
>file... no extra HTTP noise (which in some cases could slow things
>down by more than a few seconds per page hit).
If I "include"/"require" this file, can I still access $HTTP_POST_VARS[] 
values without a session.
(I have to use $HTTP_POST_VARS[], because _POST[] isn't supported on the 
server I'm on).

I just want to access a $HTTP_POST_VARS[] variable on the second page 
for use in a hidden form.

>	Overall, it sounds like you might be moving toward
>building one single "library" file of your functions, and then your
>"scripts" would include this library and call whatever functions it
I actually have a small library of validation functions that I do 
"require" in my pages.

>	Also, I don't know how much data is getting POSTed, but if
>it's more than a few hundred characters (or has the potential to be),
>you might have problems doing Location: redirects with all that data.
>I could explain this further if it doesn't make sense.
Could you explain this?  I thought you couldn't pass any data using 
header("Location: ").
I'm still inexperienced with PHP, so I need an explanation.

Thanks for your help.

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