[nycphp-talk] Passing some form values through to a redirected page...

Jerry Kapron jkapron at
Sat Feb 1 23:08:40 EST 2003

>So if you
>post to /scriptA.php which does nothing except redirect to /scriptB.php,
>scriptB.php will not actually see the submitted data, unless scriptA.php
>it on the end of the redirected URL, like the browsers do.  Either way, the
>redirected script will have to use the GET method, even if the browser
>was a POST method.
>George Webb

That's not really true.  Building a query string from POSTed data and
appending it to the url in the header('Location: ..') call is not the only
(and in fact ugly) 'solution'.  See my previous message for details.


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