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Mon Feb 3 22:21:09 EST 2003

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>> Are you referring to having a privacy policy?
>That's part of compliance, yes.
>> We've done that. But it's not the third party that's
>> setting the cookie.
>Then it doesn't matter anyway. :-)

That's what I figured.

><snip> Are the
>inconsistencies you have observed a result of your own
>testing or from users? If it is not a controlled
>environment (you testing and documenting all conditions),
>perhaps the inconsistency stems from whether your users
>have client-side scripting enabled.

I think that would explain a fraction of the failures I've experienced in
the wider world but my testers all report that the javascript routines are
performing as expected.

>> And submitting the same page 5 minutes later on the
>> same machine under identical circumstances has
>> produced different results.
>That does seem rather odd. Do you have any logs of the raw
>HTTP transactions to verify the behavior you have observed?

I don't, and I'm not sure how to get them.  But a couple of my testers are
pretty savvy and I walk through the forms with them in IM.

>This would be the best way to isolate whether this is a
>browser issue or something in the server's handling of the
>data (including your script's logic).

See above.

>> The BIG problem is reading the cookie(s) that I am
>> setting on the review_form.php page.
>> $postString = $_POST;
>> $cC = 0;
>> $N100D = "";
>> $expiry = time() + 60 * 60 * 24 * 365;
>> foreach ($postString as $key => $value) {
>>    if ($value != "") {
>>       $cienCenas = array ($key => $value);
>>       setcookie($key,$value,$expiry);
>>       $N100D = $N100D . $key . ",";
>>       $N100D = $N100D . $value . ",";
>>    }
>> }
>> setcookie('$ciento',$N100D,$expiry);
>I might be stating the obvious, but shouldn't you be
>looking for $_COOKIE["$ciento"]?

Here's a portion of the read cookie script:

	foreach ($_COOKIE as $key => $value) {
		if ($key == '$ciento') {

		print "<tr valign=top><Td

			$llaves = explode(',',$value);

			$llavesLength = count($llaves);

			foreach ($llaves as $key => $value) {
			//	print "$key : $value <br>";


Also, since your variable
>name is determined dynamically, you might be using the
>wrong key.

The hack was that the $ciento cookie has as its value ALL the $_POST data .
I then explode that value to and look at every other element to get
key:value relationships.

Try something like this to see all cookies sent
>by the client for the current resource:
><? print_r($_COOKIE); ?>

>Hopefully some of this helps.




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