P3P and MSIE6 cookies (was Headers and Cookies)

Chris Snyder chris at
Tue Feb 4 15:10:33 EST 2003

it was previously written in the list, regarding IE 6 cookies:

>>I had a similar issue, albeit with the domains vs.
>>By the way Chris, that's a great resource (
I've just been bitten by an IE6 cookie problem: a customer has a Privacy 
profile in his Internet Options that only allows cookies from sites with 
a "compact privacy policy" based on P3P. Well, that's just peachy, but 
it means they can't use my site until I create one or they change their 

 From looking at that page and the accompanying quickstart, it 
seems that most of the tools used to generate these are proprietary and 
cost from $50 on up. IBM's tool appears free, but they also have a 
"request license" link.

I feel completely blindsided by this, and a little depressed that I need 
to learn yet another spec to ensure that "general folks" can use my 
websites without changing their settings. Has anyone else created P3Ps 
for their sites? Do you need a tool or can you do it by hand? And if you 
need a tool, are there any good open-source versions?

If not, I'd be interested in developing an online, form-based tool in 
PHP that would be available for anyone to use and mirror (including the 
nyphp site). Is this a realistic undertaking?


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