Using HTMLDOC with PHP

Peter Balogh palexanderbalogh at
Wed Feb 5 14:17:07 EST 2003

We've had great luck using HTMLDOC with PHP on our server, by setting
up a master script that first pipes a .php page to a flat HTML file and
then passes that HTML file's name as a command-line argument to
HTMLDOC.  The HTML page gets parsed fairly well by HTMLDOC, which
creates a PDF that recreates the layout and appearance of the original
PHP page quite nicely.

However, for some reason, our install of HTMLDOC is failing to place
the graphic images in the PDF files.  We've tried using .gifs and
.jpgs, all to no avail.

What's more, I went to PDF-o-matic
( and gave one of our
HTML pages' addresses as a command-line argument.  Their version of
HTMLDOC compiled a PDF that *did* use the graphic images correctly.

Has anyone experienced this?  If so, what's the solution? 

Peter Balogh

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