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Hi Folks, 

I need someone with experience in COM to point me to the right direction on COM call-back and event catching issues. I'm not a COM expert, what I do is to use them with my php scripts and only once written a simple one using VB (which I really prefer not to use as long as I'm not supposed to). So here's my problem: I'm using a COM module which does call-back some functions that should be defined as methods of another object which is passed to the COM object as a parameter. Lately, thanks to all PHP developers, COM event catching is implemented, there's only one example and not much documentation about it ( please see for the only example which catches an event generated by IE and let me underline that in this example IE is using the method that is called "Event Sinking" for generating events for the software to catch its events). As far as I understand there are more than one way for implementing that kind of call-back functions in a COM module and the module that I'm trying to use uses one of those methods other than the "event sinking". And I don't know any other way to catch such call-backs in PHP. I've already tried to implement the class which will be passed to that COM module as a parameter (btw, it's working fine when I create that object under VB or Delphi) but I think PHP is currently lacking that ability to pass an object to a COM module as a variable or simply catching those events returned from COM module which should trigger a method defined in the class that the object is derived.

So I think I need to be directed to the right way regarding the issue stated above, or maybe someone with enough experience in these issues can tell me if it's possible to make it happen via PHP or not.

Any clues and/or comments are much appreciated.

Thanks in advance...

Kerem Tuzemen
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