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Wed Feb 12 20:13:10 EST 2003

I'm in charge of a fairly large intranet web-tool, and I must say it was a
blessing to have done a 95%  "very relaxed" OO. Again, it's just IMHO and
probably biased coming from a heavy OO C++ / Java school, but now that the
team is growing, maintenance and scalability have been very manageable.

Anyway, traffic on my tool is not the main concern --scalability and
robustness are-- so I'm not really that worried about the overhead that
objects add to execution time.

I guess you could try to write your code to avoid some of this overhead,
but you also achieve good results through an optimizer, profiling, etc...
and still don't sacrifice your code.

I can't really say how folks who handle massive traffic (e.g. Community
Connect) work, but for application development, I'd recommend an OO
approach and including the objects you need on your pages.


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I'm curious about that statement too.

I'm using objects very heavily, I guess about 95%, with good results on
small sites with low traffic.

Already maintenance seems to have improved over my old VBScript/ASP
code, which I had honed down to a pretty efficient set of subroutines in
#include files over the years, because of my personal preference for the
object design probably

But I have been wondering how it's going to scale performance-wise

Ophir Prusak wrote:
> Until now I have used very little OO PHP.
> I'm about to start a new project and was thinking of heavy usage of
> but your quote
> now makes me think twice.
> I'd very much like to know why you've dropped from 95% to about 20%.
> When is OO the best solution and when not.
> thanx
> ophir
>>That certainly is half the battle; probably more IMO.  From initially
> doing
>>95% of my code OO, I've leveled off at about 20%, if even that, and have
>>discovered better mantainability, performance and overall design.

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