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Mark Armendariz nyphp at
Wed Feb 12 20:47:39 EST 2003

I'm working on a php class that communicates with an external api.
Basically it takes form data (my forms), posts it to the api, and shows
the data returned, be it within another form or a plain display page.  I
want to distribute my set of files (mostly html forms with php generated
values) which uses this class.  I use my dropdown class as well for
creating dropdowns in the forms.  It's a small set.  I've never worked
with the larger template systems like Smarty, although I've heard good
things.  In my opinion, Smarty is probably too big for this little job.
What methods have you guys and gals used in order to keep forms easily
editable by Joe HTML?  Do you build your own template systems?  Do you
know of smaller ones available?  Can you recommend anything?  I prefer
to write my own stuff when possible, but i'm not entirely opposed to
using solid and well formed open source code.
It's still too early to supply links, but I hope this may be general
enough to get some help.
(my apologies for posting to the wrong list earlier)
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