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If you put everything in oo design.  The answer is (not well).

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I'm curious about that statement too.

I'm using objects very heavily, I guess about 95%, with good results on
small sites with low traffic.

Already maintenance seems to have improved over my old VBScript/ASP
code, which I had honed down to a pretty efficient set of subroutines in
#include files over the years, because of my personal preference for the
object design probably

But I have been wondering how it's going to scale performance-wise

Ophir Prusak wrote:
 > Until now I have used very little OO PHP.
 > I'm about to start a new project and was thinking of heavy usage of 
 > but your quote
 > now makes me think twice.
 > I'd very much like to know why you've dropped from 95% to about 20%.
 > When is OO the best solution and when not.
 > thanx
 > ophir
 >>That certainly is half the battle; probably more IMO.  From initially
 > doing
 >>95% of my code OO, I've leveled off at about 20%, if even that, and have
 >>discovered better mantainability, performance and overall design.

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