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Matteo Rinaudo rinaudomatteo at
Thu Feb 13 10:37:47 EST 2003

Hi, folks, this is Matteo Rinaudo. I want to present my open source
framework, PanamaSuite. Only localization is featured right now, in
version 0.5.0: Portal AdvaNced Administration and Maintenance
Application Suite is a package of PHP OOP components such as classes,
modular and ready-to-use web applications like locales support,
connection to databases, forum, newsletter, poll, faq, administrative
control panel and other portal features). It simply uses PHP4 and MySQL.
Interbase and other datasources will be easily implemented in the
future, thanks to the modular vision of the implementation method: the
secondary classes inherit from the main one the methods of database
connections and query, and therefore it will be enough to change the
main class in order to approach to one various data source.
The next step will be Oracle support and some improvements.
All feedbacks are welcome.
Best regards,
Matteo Rinaudo
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