[nycphp-talk] Project Guideline/Questionnaire

Christopher Hendry chendry at
Thu Feb 13 20:18:34 EST 2003

I find The Graphic Artists Guild Handbook - Pricing & Ethical Guidelines to
be of great use in this area.  It's really not just for graphic designers,
great for costs too...

This is probably not the immediate answer you wanted, but if you have time,
pick it up and check on page 219.  I got mine from Amazon.

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-> Hello:
-> I was looking on the web for a guideline or even a
-> questionnaire that I can give a client or someone who
-> would like to hire me to do a website for them. Can
-> someone please guide me or help me find a
-> questionnaire that I can give a potential client to
-> fill out so, I can get a better idea of what they want
-> done.
-> Thanks in advance for your help.
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